Learn About Quaker Queen Cabinets

Our Story

Quaker Queen was founded in 1982 by Joseph Thomas, the original owner of Thomas Kitchens, Inc. He used the name to brand the custom laminate commercial cabinetry and in-house custom wood cabinets which have been made here in Hazleton since the 1960’s to the present time.

With years of experienced designers, woodworkers, and quality control, the in-house custom cabinets with the most selection is a true value above any in the entire area. Quaker Queen was modeled from the past Quaker Maid cabinets that Thomas Kitchens had a dealership with for 30 years itself. Unfortunately, Quaker Maid went out of business in the early 1990’s but the Quaker Queen custom cabinet name got a quality upgrade through their relationship with Conestoga. To the delight of hundreds of customers who’ve purchased Quaker Queen cabinets from Thomas Kitchens over the past 36 years, we have always received high praise because of the quality of the product and have had many of those same customers and their families and friends return time and time again.

Quaker Queen Cabinets Today

In 2013 Thomas Kitchens started working with Conestoga Wood Specialties directly using their custom doors and frames. Conestoga is the biggest door and drawer head manufacturer in Pennsylvania, so teaming with Conestoga gives us the advantage to offer our customers over 500 door styles and 1000 cabinet finish options at or below others “semi custom” prices with much better quality control.

Thomas Kitchens is proud to say that the entire cabinet, in workmanship and quality is made int he USA. The Quaker Queen name has been sold in all parts of Pennsylvania, as well as other states. It supported many local people and projects as well and provided employment to the region. Quaker Queen has vastly improved the cabinet business in the area of design and the quality of craftsmanship throughout the greater Hazleton area and the entire state of Pennsylvania.